Angela Huffman is an award winning longarm quilting who has a unique knack of being able to break down a machine quilting motif in approachable ways for both sit down and stand up quilters. Below is a small sample of some of the longarm quilting tutorials she has online. You may like her Longarm Quilt Machine DVDs. These free motion machine quilting designs can be used for sit down quilters and quilters of all skill levels.

Longarm Quilting Machine Video Tutorial: How to Handle Stops and Starts

Good video tutorials for filler designs when freemotion machine quilting:

Oyster Machine Quilting Filler Design

Hooked Feather Machine Quilting Filler Design

Curled Big Bananas Machine Quilting Filler

Good Border and Corner Designs for Freemotion Machine Quilting:

Leaf Border/Sashing for Machine Quilting

Clover Border/Sashing for Machine Quilting

Using Loops As a Border Design With Machine Quilting

Angela has many online video tutorials for both longarm quilting and computerized quilting. You can find them on the Quilted Joy YouTube Channel and the APQS YouTube Channel.