January Renter Round-Up

January 2024 Renter Round up

January is usually the month when things calm down after the holiday rush, but this year, the month is sprinting ahead with boundless energy! We’ve already been treated to some absolutely delightful quilts. How about your new year? Is it off to a fantastic start like ours? Let’s share our stories and compare notes!

Stitched Together: A Quilting Couple

Craig's quilt

First up, we have one of our regulars, Craig. He embarked on his quilting adventure to transform his wife’s beautifully pieced tops into something even more magical, a true testament to the wonderful collaboration we often see in quilting couples. Their latest masterpiece? The “Simply Serene” quilt, a charming creation by Diana Beaubien from Pleasant Valley Creations. They went with a delightful blend of purple and blue flannels, a choice that’s close to my heart—I just love it! For the quilting magic, they used the Intelliquilter computerized system, choosing the “Whisper” design. It’s like a gentle breeze of playfulness, bringing a sweet, lively touch to the quilt top. Such a charming and inspired selection! 💜💙

Craig's Quilt

Starting a Longarm Quilting Adventure

Up next, we have a delightful piece from Kris, one of our rental certification students. She cleverly stitched together leftover fabrics into a charming four-patch quilt top. I must confess, scrappy quilts have always had a special place in my heart. For the quilting, Kris chose the “Lorien’s Phoenix” paper pantograph, which has this whimsical paisley vibe that complements the quilt’s scrappy charm perfectly. She’s done a fabulous job for her first whirl with the machine, wouldn’t you agree? It’s just so playful and full of life! 🌟💫

Kris's Quilt

A Cosmic Canine Quilt

Mcall's Quilt

Rounding off our quilt parade this month is McCall’s special project. She made a lovely quilt for her dog, Laika, using a fun two-fabric pattern. In a nod to Laika’s namesake – the first dog to orbit the stars in space – she selected the “Star Dance” pantograph, a perfect fit for its celestial theme. McCall thoroughly enjoyed the process, and the quilt turned out wonderfully, a true testament to her creativity and affection. 🌟🐾

McCall's Quilt

This month has been a whirlwind of stunning quilts, and we’ve only shared a sprinkle of the wonders that have graced our studio! How about your quilting journey? Any fabulous pieces you’ve finished? We’re super excited to see your works of art! Come, share them with us on Facebook & Instagram and join in the fun over at the Quilted Joy Clubhouse. Learn More about our Rental Program and most of all, Keep on quilting with joy and a dash of sparkle! 🌈✂️🎉

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