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For February’s Clubhouse, I chose Christine’s quilt. Isn’t it gorgeous?  Such a celebration of color! I just love the prints in this quilt.  And because the prints are the star of this show, I don’t want to do anything that would confuse or distract from them.  

With all that glorious color in the fabrics, what color of thread do you think we should choose?  I’m always one to pick chartreuse whenever I can, but I don’t think I’d want to do that with this quilt. Bright threads speak loudly and it just isn’t the voice that needs to added to this conversation. For this quilt, I really think you’d be happiest with a gray.  Gray is the color of shadow and your eyes will just look past it easily.

First, be sure you find the hidden kitty tail in her photo she submitted. LOVE IT!

For the quilting, first I wanted to add a little structure.  I went with a simple diagonal chevron in the four patches.  This pattern will allow me to work through two rows at a time if I travel between half square triangles to get to the next four patch.  This adds some great structure to the quilt and doesn’t fight the prints in this fabric.

Now what do I do with those half square triangles?  Because of their size, I wanted to be careful that they weren’t more heavily quilted than the four patches. So I chose to do a double wavy line.  Easy AND effective! 

Starting on one side, I would stitch a gently wavy line along one side of the blocks and then come back and do a second line parallel to the first. 

It is important to remember when you are working along the edge of the quilt, that the binding is going to come up on that edge some.  Be sure to quilt away from the edge enough to allow for binding as you are wiggling along. 

And that is how I would quilt it!  Simple, but like I said, this is a celebration of fabrics.  I didn’t want to do anything that would take away from that.  But…. Christine, this is your quilt and you can quilt any way you want to! 🙂  When it’s done, be sure to add a post to our Facebook or Instagram.  We’d love to see what you choose to do! 

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  1. Great Idea ! I love your choice to combine the straight line with the wavy. That type of pattern really follows the motion that the aboriginals create in their fabrics. I am a fan of aboriginal fabric and the story that each fabric tells. Thank you very much for the quilting ideas.

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