Design a Quilt with Angela Huffman Using The Birds In the Air Quilt Block!

Some blocks bring the party and the Bird In the Air quilt block is no exception. This block has two secrets that I love. The first secret is that by simply rotating the block you’ll get striking looks and utterly different quilts. The second is that you can make this block four at a time! 

Let’s have a little fun and create a baby quilt together!

Grab a kit and play along! Layout your blocks as you choose and quilt along with Angela!

Vote on which layout you like best for this powerhouse of a block. You can find all the choices down below. In a few weeks, we’ll announce the winning layout and I’ll stitch it up. *Voting on the layout has now closed! Take a look to see which layout won and vote on the best quilting design for the chosen layout by clicking here! 

Those who vote will get instructions on how to piece these beautiful Birds In The Air blocks four at a time so you can play along with me!

Let’s GO! 

As with all things quilty, there are a variety of ways you may find this block in the wild. We are going to work on a simple 6” finished Birds In The Air. Here’s the block:

Lovely, right? Now let’s PLAY! First we will select the layout for our 42” x 54” baby quilt.

Which Layout Is Your Favorite? VOTE DOWN BELOW and when you do you’ll also get our weekly Quilt Fairy Magic newsletter in your inbox and the free pattern on how to make the Birds In the Air block four at a time! 

Layout Choice #1:

Design A Long 1

Layout Choice #2:

Layout Choice #3:

Design A Long 3

Layout Choice #4:

Design A Long 4

Layout Choice #5:

Design A Long 5

Layout Choice #6:

Design A Long 6

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  1. Tough choice but #2 is my choice. This white diamonds could all be different colors. You could also place the same colors diagonally and alternate colors. All kinds of options.

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