Quilt by Mail at Quilted Joy

Quilt by Mail at Quilted Joy

Have you ever finished piecing a quilt, and then realized “Now I have to quilt it”?  For some of us it can just make our hearts sink.  Not everyone loves to wrestle that bundle of fabric and batting through the little space in our sewing machine.  Not all of us feel confident enough about the quilting process to do it ourselves on something we’ve just put our heart and soul into for the last couple of weeks, or even years.  There are even some of us who dread the mess and inconvenience that quilting a big quilt can cause.  You’ve got to get it basted just right, and where do I lay it out.  We don’t all have room.  If what I’ve described sounds like you, consider our Quilt by Mail service.

Thread Color

At Quilted Joy, we have several beautiful APQS longarm machines with computers that are at your disposal.  On our website you will find a our selection of edge to edge designs.  You can pick one out or leave it to us to do it for you.  Do you know what color you want on your top? We can match it.  Are you unsure what you want?  We can help pick it out.  Just tell me if you want it to blend in or stand out, and we’ll find the best color for your top.


The batting we use is Hobbs batting.  We find it’s not only cost effective but also has a beautiful drape and washes well.  We can offer you 100% cotton, a 80% cotton/ 20% polyester blend in both natural and black, and 100% polyester.  We also carry Quilter’s Dream Deluxe loft.  This is a 100% cotton batting that is a little thicker than the Hobbs and shrinks more.  Now you may ask “why would I want it to shrink more?”  Quilter’s Dream gives you that lovely shabby chic crinkly of an old quilt that so many of us adore.  It is a lovely batting as well.  


If you’d like us to bind it, we can do that, too.  We use a premade binding from Moda that is simply wonderful.  They made it exactly the way I would have made it myself, but they can do it cheaper.  We have every color we could get a hold of so I’m sure there is something there that will frame your quilt beautifully.  Whether or not you want us to bind it, we’ll trim your quilt because packaging it up to mail back to you as quickly as we can.   

Quilt by Mail with Quilted Joy

Quilting by credit card is a valid way to quilt.  Sometimes we think this is a product of our modern age, but that isn’t true.  Quilters were hired as early as the nineteenth century.   So if you don’t have the time or the space or just the desire to do it yourself, send it to us.  We’d love to be a part of what you’re creating.

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