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We love taking peeks into other people’s quilting studios during our Looky Loo Studio Tour! Each month during our Quilted Joy Clubhouse live meetings we tour the quilting studio of one of our QJ Clubhouse members. Today, let’s take a look back at our tour of Chris Pigott’s converted garage creative space! Watch the video below to see Chris’s Looky Loo Studio Tour!

So often quilting is a solo activity. It’s so special that Chris and her sister, Tam, have this well-organized studio to play together in. It’s not often we see a space with two longarms, an APQS Millie and an APQS Lucey, side by side! It’s even more inspiring that Chris and Tam are welcoming their quilt group into their studio for monthly meetings.

We wanted to get to know Chris a little more after our Looky Loo Studio Tour, so we asked her a few other questions before we recorded our tour.

Quilted Joy: How long have you been quilting?  

Chris: About 45 years

QJ: How long have you been longarm quilting? 

Chris: Eight years

QJ: How have you grown your skills? 

Chris: Practice. Videos. Books. More practice. Private lessons. Karen McTavish, Kelly Kline. 

QJ: What is the most challenging part of quilting for you? 

Chris: What design to quilt. I love free motion. No computer. Seldom do pantographs. 

QJ: What do you love about your quilting space? 

Chris: Sharing with my sister. All the room we have. 

QJ: What would you change about your space if you could? 

Chris: Really nothing. Maybe running water and a bathroom.

QJ: Why did you choose an APQS machine?

Chris: I first had a Handi quilter I purchased in 2004. I hated it. I have since given it away, and help them quilt. But I love APQS. Ease of use. Consistency. Support. The helpful quilt community on Facebook.

QJ: Do you have a computer on your machine? 

Chris: No.

QJ: What advice would you give a new longarm quilter? 

Chris: Study. View videos. Take lessons. Practice on a simple quilt, not just muslin.

QJ: What quilt project are you currently working on?

Chris: A wholecloth quilt that Karen McTavish helped me design. Quilting quilts of valor for our quilt guild.

QJ: How would you describe your quilting style? 

Chris: We do a lot of English paper piecing. I like difficult quilts that challenge me. Quilts that give me a lot of negative space to work in. 

QJ: What is your favorite batting and thread? 

Chris: Quilter’s Dream. Since I used to live near Superior Threads in Utah, I use mostly So Fine and Bottom Line prewounds. But access is getting difficult. I’m considering switching to Glide and Fil-tec bobbins.

QJ: What is your current favorite quilting gadget?

Chris: For quilting, rulers of all shapes and sizes. For sewing, probably my rotary cutter. The most used tool in my sewing room

QJ: Do you quilt for others? 

Chris: Mostly friends, charity quilts and family.

QJ: What are three things you’re loving that you’d recommend to your bestie?  

Chris: Find things you love to do. Study. Practice. Find like minded friends. And don’t compare yourself to anyone else. I’m into sewing and quilting. Knitting. Crochet. Bird photography. 

Thanks again to Chris for letting us look around!

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