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Having a sewing and quilting space that feels fully your own is so satisfying! Having all my fabrics, threads, tools, and notions at my fingertips and ready to go whenever I need them makes my sewing and quilting feel less like work and more like the fun it should be. But figuring out the right organization can be a challenge! It’s why I love the Looky Loo tours we feature during our Quilted Joy Clubhouse meetings! It’s an excuse to be a little nosey and it’s just fun and inspiring to see how other quilters have set up their sewing and quilting rooms with everything they need. Today, let’s take a look back at how Roger Garneau of Heartfelt Quilts set up his sewing and longarm quilting room. Watch the video below to see Roger’s Looky Loo Tour!

Doesn’t Roger have a fabulous set up for his sewing and quilting room? I’m so jealous that he has his APQS Millie on a 12 foot table set up along his window. I’m not sure how much work I’d actually get done if I had that pond view out my window. I might get distracted every time a bird flew by! Roger also has so many fabulous storage and organization solutions. I’m still waiting for his offer to come organize my sewing room! 😉

We wanted to get to know Roger a little more, so we asked him a few questions before we recorded our tour.

Quilted Joy: How long have you been quilting?

Roger: For about 35 years

QJ: How long have you been longarm quilting?

Roger: I started in July 2014

QJ: What longarm machine do you have and why did you choose it?

Roger: I got myself the APQS Millennium. I did a lot of research and found these machines to be rated high. I met a dealer in my local area, and she helped me get the machine and to start learning to use it.

QJ: How have you grown your skills?

Roger: Mostly by doing hands on. I have been spending a lot of time researching sites like Quilted Joy and APQS that have tutorials and forums. YouTube is a wonderful resource to learn techniques. I would really like to attend some classes when that becomes possible again after the pandemic.

QJ: What is the most challenging part of quilting for you?

Roger: In the beginning it was getting the tension right. Now I am trying to do more custom work and to integrate my own designs. A challenge is deciding what designs to use when looking at a quilt.

QJ: Describe your studio and how you organize your longarm studio.

Roger: I have my studio in my loft. It is approximately 550 sq ft. I have the machine near the windows for the best light. I have three other sewing tables and machines. There is also a cutting area and an ironing center where I made a large table extension on the ironing board.

QJ: What advice would you give a new longarm quilter?

Roger: Practice, practice, and more practice. Also, use the free classes, blogs, and forums available. Join a guild if you can and get to know your local quilting shops. They are a wealth of knowledge.

QJ: What is your current favorite quilting gadget or ruler right now?

Roger: I have a lot of rulers but am just starting to use them on my quilts. I just must get out there and start using them and practice. I also love my red snappers quilt holders on my longarm, so I do not have to pin the quilt. I learned about these early in my longarm career.

QJ: You have a quilting business called Heartfelt Quilts. How did you get into quilting for other people?

Roger: Joined a guild and worked my way up to being the VP. I would travel to quilting shops, introducing myself and giving them my cards and brochures. From there, I built a large customer base by word of mouth.

QJ: What is the best thing about quilting for others?

Roger: To see how happy, they are with the finished quilt. And to see how much I have grown in my skills as a Longarm quilter.

QJ: What is something you wish you had in your longarm studio to make things easier?

Roger: I would like to have a computer set up on the machine. That way, I would be able to design so many other patterns.

QJ: What are three things you’re loving that you’d recommend to your bestie?

  1. The overhead lights in my sewing room.
  2. Red Snappers for loading quilts on my longarm machine.
  3. Clear food storage containers for organizing my pantry.

Thanks again to Roger for letting us take a look around his quilting studio! If you’d like to connect with Roger and see what he’s working on, you can find him on the Heartfelt Quilts Facebook page.

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