We’re All Seeing Stars

XL Star Quilt after longarm quilting

There are many motifs and themes I see repeated in the quilts my longarm renters bring into the shop – hearts, leaves, flowers. But stars seems to reappear more than any other image. Quilters love to incorporate stars into their quilts through the piecing. And others are seeing stars in their quilting designs. No matter how they’re seeing stars, they all shine bright in their own starlight!

Jennifer is Seeing Stars

Stars and Stripes Quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

This is Jennifer’s quilt. The stars and stripes have a beautiful patriotic theme without being exactly an American Flag. She quilted this with the Star Dance Pantograph. It was a great design addition to this bright and simple quilt.

Baby Safari Quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

This is also from Jennifer. Isn’t this such a sweet little baby quilt? The quilted stars (also Star Dance) are a nice touch. I can just imagine a starry sky over an African savanna with the cute lions, zebras, giraffes, and elephants.

Erin is seeing stars

XL Star Quilt after longarm quilting

We’re not seeing stars in the quilting, but it definitely has it in the piecing. Erin from House on Hillroad.com, really likes big blocks. She has said that before and you can see that in her quilts. I believe this was made with some large scraps she had in her sewing room. She quilted it with some gentle loops across the quilt. Simple, but elegant.  

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen stars. They do tend to come up on occasion. Now that you are seeing stars, you can think about incorporating some in your next quilting project.

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