June’s Quilted Joy Clubhouse Meeting is Almost Here!

"Quilted Joy Clubhouse Quilting in Tiny Sashings June 5, 2019 1pm Eastern"

Are you getting excited for June’s live Quilted Joy Clubhouse meeting? It’s taking place this Wednesday June 5 at 1pm Eastern. Be sure to set an alarm or mark your calendar so you don’t forget!

You can watch the live meeting in two different places. Members of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse can watch the meeting in the Facebook group. Not a member of the clubhouse? Click here to find the group and request to be a member. You will need to answer a few questions about yourself, this is just so we can be sure you’re a human and not a robot!

Not on Facebook? Not a problem! You can also watch the live meeting on the Quilted Joy Youtube channel. Click here to find us on Youtube and subscribe to the channel so you’re notified when we post a new video.

"Quilted Joy Clubhouse Quilting in Tiny Sashings June 5, 2019 1pm Eastern"

The program for this month’s meeting is about quilting in small sashing spaces. When you have a small 1″ sashing space, your tendency might be to leave it unquilted. Before you do that, be sure to check how closely your batting recommends to quilt the batting. Even if your sashing space is only 1″ tall, it could easily be a really long space that needs a little quilting to keep your batting happy for the life of your quilt. During the program I’ll show you a few of my favorite quilting designs for filling those small spaces. Of course, all of these designs can be easily varied to fit in larger sashings or borders.

We’ll also have another Lookie-Loo Studio Tour. This month we’re video chatting with Heather Dedo of Custom Quilting by Heather Dedo. She has a really interesting space because her studio is in her home’s front room! I’m really loving these studio tours because we’re seeing lots of different kinds of rooms, sizes, and spaces.

The portion of the meeting I think I get the most comments about is the “How Would You Quilt That?” portion. Members of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse have shared lots of quilts looking for advice on how to quilt their quilts. I’ll pick one quilt (there’s just not enough time to show more!) and draw out how I might quilt their quilt. I hope this part of the meeting helps you understand how I break down a quilt into smaller and more manageable pieces to make a quilting plan.

We’ll wrap up the meeting with Show and Tell, a.k.a. Quilt Drooling! 😁 Members of the Quilted Joy Clubhouse have been sharing their finished quilts all month, and I get to show off their incredible work!

No matter how you watch, I hope you can join us for the live meeting on Wednesday May 1 at 1pm Eastern! Be sure to say hi and ask questions in the comments too. See ya there!

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