Itty Bitty Pieces Make Spectacular Quilt Tops

Dennis shows off his bright primary colored Pinwheel Block Quilt

The following longarm machine renters created quilts using itty bitty little pieces. It can take a lot of time to piece a quilt. Using larger pieces can cut some of that time out. But the result of all those little pieces is amazing!

Judy's Charm Pack Quilts after longarm quilting them at Quilted Joy

Judy works with itty bitty pieces

Judy made these sweet little quilts with itty bitty pieces. I love the use of sashing in the quilt on the right. Brings to mind a maze. She free motion quilted both of these quilts. The left quilt was just a meander with a lot of loops in it. The quilt on the right has a lot of swirls and vine like structure in the sashing and border. In the blocks she added some wavy strips diagonally through each block, alternating the direction for each one.

Dennis shows off his pastel colored Pinwheel Block Quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

Dennis works with itty bitty pieces

Even though he only recently took up quilting, Dennis has made several quilts with itty bitty pieces. This is a pinwheel block quilt that he created. It is very light and airy with light blues, greens, and white. One of the consequences of a close pieced quilt top, is the quilting is practically unseen. And edge to edge is best in this situation. He quilted this with the help of the pantograph Cadence. It has long curved blades like grass with the occasional fleur dys lis.

Dennis shows off his Pinwheel and 9 Patch Quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

This is a small quilt also by Dennis. It is a pinwheel and nine patch quilt made with vintage style fabric. Again, because of the itty bitty pieces, it is hard to see the quilting. But who cares, the piecing and colors are beautiful! He quilted this with a design board of a traditional Baptist Fan. While it can’t be seen very well, the rippled texture was a great addition to this classic quilt.

Dennis shows off his bright primary colored Pinwheel Block Quilt

Dennis’s First Quilts

This bright and beautiful quilt was the first quilt that Dennis ever pieced. It is a simple pinwheel quilt, but the bright yellow with the blue, red, and green are amazing. I don’t know about you, by my first quilt was crib sized. He quilted this with the Seamless paper pantograph which is a meander with lots of loops. What a beautiful keepsake for some lucky child or grandchild.

Dennis shows off his autumnal split rail fence quilt after longarm quilting at Quilted Joy

The last quilt may have been the first he pieced, but this is the first quilt he quilted. It is hard to tell from the picture, but this is not a whole cloth. It is a pieced split rail fence. Due to the itty bitty pieces and the similar patterns of the fabric, you can’t see the quilting at all. He used the Baptist Fan design board to add a lovely texture to this quilt top.

Making a quilt that uses itty bitty pieces of fabric can be very time consuming. But it can also have amazing results. Besides, it is also the best way to use up all the little scraps that collect from making all your other quilts.

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