Stars in Quilts are Classic and Popular

Erin's Big Stars Quilt

I typed the words “stars in quilts” into a search engine and got 39,000,000 results in just a couple of seconds. Obviously I could not look at every one of the 39,000,000 pictures, but all of the images on the first few pages I looked through were of stars in quilts. Stars are one of the most popular images to put on a quilt by far. So here are some of the “Stars” that our longarm machine renters brought in recently.

Debbie's Baby Bella Quilt by Quiltworx

Debbie’s Star in a quilt

Debbie created this Baby Bella quilt by Quiltworx with blues and purple batiks. It caught my attention because I love those colors. I also love the pop of pink in the middle. With all that white space between the pieces, you can really show off your quilting. She quilted this with the “Sweet Hearts” design board we have here for longarm machine renters to use. It is playful and sweet and makes this quilt a favorite for the young at heart.

Mary's Stars Quilt for a Boy

Mary’s Star in a Quilt

Mary made this great sawtooth star in a quilt with lots of different fabrics. What a great way to showcase fabrics. If I remember correctly each of the fabrics represented something her grandson liked. So there are some baseballs, dinosaurs, footballs, superman emblems, etc. As the nursery rhyme says, “Snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails” this is what little boys are made of. I love the addition of the floating, fussy cut corner stones she tucked in there as well. She quilted this with the Swirly Stars pantograph. It is just like it states, lots of swirls and stars. It looks great on this top.

Jennifer and AnnaMaria show off their BOMs
Anna Maria and Jennifer’s Star in a Quilt

Anna Maria and Jennifer are two friends that often come in together. They like to sign up for the same Block of the Month and then come in together to quilt them. So it is not uncommon for us to see these two with matching quilts. This sampler quilt has several different stars in a quilt. I love the colors. The silvery taupe is so lovely. I’m also a fan of the big block. They quilted them with two separate but similar patterns. The one on the left is Oh My Feather and the one on the right is Airborne. Both are lovely feather like designs that add to the traditional feel of both of these quilts.

Emily's Big Sawtooth Star Quilt

Emily’s Star in a Quilt

Emily learned how to do this quilt in a class. It is a simple sawtooth star in a quilt block, albeit extra large. She used strip sets to create this colorful fun interpretation of a classic design. I particularly like the use of a pieced striped border to match it. She quilted this with the Cascade pantograph. It looks like windblown clouds racing across the surface. It is lovely and adds a little movement to her quilt top.

Erin's Big Stars Quilt

Erin’s Star in a Quilt

This is from Erin at House on Hill Road. This is a lovely extra large block of an eight pointed star in a quilt. She custom quilted this beautifully. Erin basically added an orange peel design on top of her stars. Using a continuous curve to connect all her points, she then filled them in with a wishbone quilting design. The quilting is subtle but visible, especially on the large white spaces between the blocks. So lovely.

Beth's Star Sampler Quilt

Beth’s Star in a Quilt

Beth made this lovely star in a quilt with great big wide borders. Those wide borders can look so nice on a bed, and wide borders can be a lot of fun to quilt. Beth decided to use one of our very popular paper pantographs, Seamless. It is just a fun meander that wiggles and loops across the quilt. It adds the needed quilting and some gentle texture without any added design to your top. I think it was an excellent choice for this top.

Stars are a classic design that can be adjusted and interpreted in so many different ways. Some have five points some have ten, but all are lovely. So whether it is with extra large blocks or extra large borders, stars will always be a popular choice to put on a quilt.

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