Samplers Full of Stars

Kathy Green Stars Sampler Quilt

I’m always talking about shapes in quilts. Whether it’s circles, rectangles, or triangles. Any art student will tell you that any design or picture is essentially made of these basic shapes. But a standard composite shape that many quilts are made of is the star. Now when I say a star, there are lots of different stars that can be made for a quilt. Some of them even have names like a friendship star, Ohio star, or a Sawtooth star. The variety is what makes them amazing. You can fill samplers of all sizes with stars.

Donna’s Sampler Full of Stars

Donna Sampler of Stars Quilt

This is Donna’s sampler full of stars quilt. I love the cohesiveness of using all the same fabrics and colors. The blue and white is beautiful and that dark gray just pulls it to the next level. It feels very clean. She quilted this with an all over meander that really works for this quilt. There is just no need to add an additional design to this piece.

Kathy’s Sampler Full of Stars

Kathy Green Stars Sampler Quilt

Kathy made this block of the month quilt. It was too large for her taste, so she divided the blocks into two smaller quilts instead of one large quilt. It is also a sampler full of different stars, but I love the use of the matching on point squares in lieu of horizontal sashing.

Kathy Green Stars Sampler Quilt

The colors are so breathtaking. I’ve always been drawn to the bright jewel tones. She quilted this with an edge to edge feather pattern that we have available as a design board. I like the traditional effect of the feather for this quilt. Just a lot of soft curves for a top with lots of sharp angles.

Kathy Blue Stars Sampler Quilt

This one is pieced essentially the same way as the first, but with blue instead of green. Kathy chose our bubble board instead of feathers for this one. The circles also give some soft curves to the sharp angles in this top. The design boards are great for this type of pattern. Because you move the machine through grooves in the board, it is really easy to make those circles nice and round and perfect. It is the perfect match for a sampler full of stars.

Kathy Blue Stars Sampler Quilt

There are so many star quilt blocks out there! Look up quilt star patterns on Google someday. You’ll find a mass of different patterns that you can put together to make a sampler full of stars quilt for yourself.  

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