Cheri’s Patriotic Tumbler Block Quilt

Patriotic Tumbler Block Quilt

Cheri is a loving grandmother and a quilter which means those grandchildren are each getting a very nice gift. She decided to make a set of tumbler block quilts for her grandsons.

Patriotic Tumbler Block Quilt

If I remember correctly, they each picked out the colors for their own quilt. This grandson choose a patriotic theme with colors of red, white, and blue, but antiqued just a bit. Therefore, there are a lot of navy’s, burgundy’s, creams and tans. It is a beautiful quilt with a lot of piecing.

Piecing a Tumbler Block Quilt

These tumbler quilts look a little more complicated than they are. Each piece must be cut accurately or the top will bubble in places.

Patriotic Tumbler Block Quilt

Once she cut out all those blocks she then had to sew them all together into rows. So you can imagine how long it took her to do this, and this is only one of several quilts. I love how there is a diamond effect in the overall appearance of the quilt due to the placing of the colors. Can you see it?

Quilting this Tumbler Block Quilt

Patriotic Tumbler Block Quilt

She had me quilt this for her. Because of the patriotic theme of the fabrics in this tumbler block she decided to go with a star pattern called Becker’s Shooting Star. It is an echoed star with a little swirl set in between for good measure. It was a beautiful choice for such a lovely top. I used my Intelliquilter to quilt this design for her, but this pattern is one that I also sell as a paper pantograph.  

Patriotic Tumbler Block Quilt

As tricky as a tumbler block can be, Cheri did an excellent job. Between the colors and the starred pattern, this quilt will mature well with her grandson. It’s never going to go out of style. What a lucky grandson to have Cheri as his grandmother!

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