The Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018

Discover the "Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018 from Quilted Joy"

Recently we got a great question from one of our blog followers. They wanted to know which colors of Glide Thread were the most popular thread colors of 2018. So, I went back through our records and found our Top Five Glide Thread colors over the last year.

Glide Thread for Machine Quilting and Machine Embroidery

Why I Love Glide Thread

I consider myself to be a bit of a thread bimbo; I love machine quilting threads! After getting my APQS longarm quilting machine, I began to build up quite the thread collection. Some threads I liked and others not so much. But, the moment I was introduced to Glide thread, I was in love! Glide is a 40 weight trilobal polyester thread. Yes, a polyester thread and not a cotton thread! In my world, polyester is king because of its variety, durability, cost, and much more.

Glide thread was originally designed for machine embroidery, so it has a lovely sheen more common to embroidery threads. That high sheen is a big reason why I love this thread! It adds just a little sparkle to my quilts that give them that extra pizzazz. It also runs virtually lint free, which keeps my APQS Millie a happy girl. 🙂

When I opened up my shop I was agonizing over which colors I wanted to carry. There are more than 250 colors to choose from, and it was hard to narrow those down. Until my son said to me, “Well Momma, why don’t you just carry all the colors in every size?” And I thought, what a fabulous idea! So I have all 250+ colors to choose from and I can always find the perfect color for every quilt that walks through my door.

Discover the Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018 From Quilted Joy

The Top 5 Glide Thread Colors of 2018

5000m King Cone of Glide Thread White 10000

1. White Glide Thread

Boring but ubiquitous, right? While I love stitching in Chartreuse, I don’t use that color as much as basic white. This color of Glide Thread is the perfect neutral and has a great sheen that looks lovely on your sewing projects.

5000m King Cone of Glide Thread Linen 10WG1

2. Linen Glide Thread

The perfect soft neutral thread. It blends without being showy. It’s a creamy ivory color that plays really well with a variety of cream, khaki, tan, and off white fabrics. I find myself reaching for this color of Glide thread when white feels too bright for the quilt.

5000m King Cone of Glide Thread Black 11001

3. Black Glide Thread

Another basic thread color every sewing studio needs. It disappears on the darkest fabrics and sews beautifully.

5000m King Cone of Glide Thread Cool Grey 3 10CG3

4. Cool Grey 3 Glide Thread

How do you choose which color thread to use when your project has many different colors? In this case, this exquisite soft grey blends and recedes from the eye as it travels across a variety of colors. This color is a “must have” in my opinion.

5000m King Cone of Glide Thread Super White 10002

5. Super White Glide Thread

Who knew white came in so many colors! This one is bold and bright and unapologetic about it. Plus, it glows under black light too!

Find Variety with Glide Thread Bundles

Of course, that covers the basic neutrals but what about the actual colors? Well, I’ve hand selected a variety of Glide Thread Bundles so you can get a good variety and save a little money by purchasing the colors in a group. You can see the Angela Huffman Glide Thread Essentials and the Angela Huffman Glide Thread Favorites over on our Glide Thread Bundles page.

What is your favorite color of Glide Thread? Let us know in the comments!

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