Memory Quilts are the Best for Keeping Those Keepsake Fabric Items

Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt

There are a lot of reasons to make a quilt. You need a bedspread of a certain color or fabric, you like the look of the vintage pieced quilt, or you are an artist using fabric as your medium. But one of the reasons people love quilts, is that they allow you to use fabric items that are sentimental and keep them in a beautiful and functional way. That is what the following longarm quilting machine renters did. These next quilts are memory quilts. They are beautiful, but also sentimental because of the fabrics used.

A Memory Quilt for a Dog Owner

Claudia made her memory quilt from her dog's bandanna

This is a memory quilt from Claudia for her rental certification class. She pieced this scrappy quilt using bandannas her dogs received from their groomers over the years. What a fun way to use those colorful scraps of fabric? And what a wonderful way to remember a pet once they are gone? She completed this with a design board that has big loopy flowers and some sweet little hearts. It just adds to the cuteness, don’t you think?

A Memory Quilt for a Beauty Queen

T-shirt Quilt Made with Beauty Pageant T-shirts

Karen made this beauty of a memory quilt for a beauty queen. A daughter of a friend collected these t-shirts over a twenty four year term as a beauty pageant director. Karen made the quilt top using a simple gray fabric between the uniform t-shirt squares to really let those colorful shirts shine. She quilted with a simple meander. With so much to see on the front, you really don’t need an additional design to compete with everything. What a great friend!

A Memory Quilt for a Biker

Harley Davidson T-shirt Quilt

This last memory quilt was also made for a friend. It is all of his Harley Davidson t-shirts. Renee cut each shirt to best fit the design, so these are not all equal squares. She cut lots of different sized rectangles that she fit together in a giant jigsaw puzzle. That is a lot of work for a friend! She also quilted this with a simple meander. It doesn’t fight or distract from the fun t-shirt designs, and meanders are also very easy and fast to quilt. It looks amazing! Yet another lucky someone to have a friend like Renee, who can make a quilt of their personal memories.

So start collecting! Any fabric will do, though cotton is the easiest to work with. Gather up your t-shirts, bandannas, or other sentimental fabric items. You can save them up until you’ve got enough to fill a memory quilt, then you can make something that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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