Our Longarm Machine Renters Show Off Quilts Made on Simple Grids

Brenda's Checkerboard Quilt on a Simple Grid

Typically, quilts are made up of blocks that are usually square. But that still leaves you with a couple of choices. Those choices are what the individual block looks like, and how the resulting blocks are put together. If the blocks are each unique, then their placement can be exciting and challenging. If they are all squares, or at least the same size and shape, how they go together seems obvious. But you still have choices. In the next couple of quilts we are going to see how some of our longarm quilting machine renters used a simple grid to place their blocks.

Linda’s Simple Grid

Linda quilted this quilt during her longarm quilting machine rental certification class at Quilted Joy

This is a quilt by Linda. She used four fabrics to create this simple but beautiful quilt. The gray and white really makes the red pop out. I also like the use of the red gingham in the pinwheels. It introduces an additional texture, without adding an additional color. She put these blocks together in a simple grid pattern with the white blocks in between. Adding all that negative space helps us see the blocks as individuals instead of seeing the secondary pattern that can form when they are right next to each other. She quilted this piece with our Paisley Posey design board. It added a floral element on top of all these solid colors and I think adds a lot to the overall effect of the quilt. This was Linda’s first time quilting with us. She did an amazing job!

Linda quilted this quilt during her longarm quilting machine rental certification class at Quilted Joy

Brenda’s Simple Grid

Brenda's Checkerboard Quilt on a Simple Grid

Linda’s friend Brenda came quilting with her! This is Brenda’s first quilt with us as well. Her quilt top was a little simpler than her friends, but just as lovely. She created a simple grid with a border and contrasted corners. Subsequently, the whole quilt has only two fabrics. She quilted this with Bountiful Feathers design board which added a lot of lovely curving texture to this very straight quilt top. Great job, Brenda.

Brenda's Checkerboard Quilt on a Simple Grid

Sally’s Simple Grid

Sally's Charm Pack Quilt, quilting on a longarm quilting machine at Quilted Joy

Last, but not least, we have Sally. This is a simple square patch quilt set on point. Putting these squares on point gave us a fun quilt to look at. You can tell that it would be a great scrappy quilt to use up some old fat quarters and odd and ends from your stash, but I believe she used a charm pack or other pre-cut set from a collection. The border around the outside helps give it that finished look. Sally quilted this with a pantograph we offer here called Keryn’s Bellflower. It has these sweet little tulip shaped flowers with lots of arcs and swirls. As a result, it matched well the flowers found in the prints of her quilt top. And it looks amazing on her purple microfleece backing fabric too!

Purple Cuddle Dot Fabric, quilted

These are great examples to help inspire your next quilt. Can you imagine Linda’s with sashing, or Brenda’s with some custom quilting? Wherever inspiration takes you, I hope you’ll share with us what you’ve created. You can share your quilts with us on the Quilted Joy Facebook page or tag Quilted Joy on Instagram!

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