Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Log Cabin Quilt by Imogene

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Log Cabin Quilt by Imogene, Longarm Quilting by Quilted Joy

The Log Cabin quilt is one of the oldest patterns in history. They found examples of this in the pyramids in Egypt. Little wonder that it would continue to be a popular quilt pattern into the new century. Made simply of strips added one at a time around a center block, the colors can make a secondary pattern depending on how the blocks are rotated. Imogene made this spectacular version of a log cabin quilt and brought it to us to quilt. Is it any wonder that it got the name of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl?

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Log Cabin Quilt
The Colors they Make is Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Log Cabin Quilt with longarm quilting

Traditionally, there are at least three different fabrics each for two different colors. It is easy to see that she used three different brown fabrics. It is a little harder to see that she also used three different cream fabrics. The vanilla creams in our chocolate vanilla swirl are so similar that they read as one big piece unless you are close up. Why even bother then? Well the construction of this quilt would still require strips to be sewn alternating the brown. And if you are going to bother with strips, you might as well add that extra little touch of class by using different fabrics as well. I think it adds a bit of richness when there are fine details that you can only see up close.

Imogene's Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Log Cabin Quilt, longarm quilting by Quilted Joy

The Quilting in the Swirl of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Quilt Border with Longarm Quilting

To quilt this beauty she asked for the Square Spiral. This lovely pattern adds so much texture and a subtle circular pattern to the overall feel of the quilt. The Log Cabin is very square and angular. All those curves in the quilting really break it up and help it flow under the eye. I have always loved the feel of the quilting from concurrent lines that ripple across the surface of the quilt. Besides, how would it be a Chocolate Vanilla Swirl without the swirl? It just makes this quilt so cuddly.

Log Cabin Quilt

Imogene did a great job of taking a classic design and making it hers. This is definitely a quilt that any one would love to take home. I can see myself wrapped up next to a fire sipping a Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Latte. Mmmmm… chocolate!

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