Gifts of Time are How Our Longarm Renters Say I Love You to Friends and Family

Dear Daughter Quilt by Rebecca Mae Designs

Finding the perfect gift is an art form. You have to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about them and what sort of things they might like and or need. Sometimes the sweetest gifts are the gifts of time. When you give a handmade item, you have amplified the real gift you have given them… your time.

Graduation Gifts of Time

Debra's Dear Daughter Quilt

This is a gift for a daughter just in time for her high school graduation. Debra made this heirloom all by hand making it a true gift of time. It is a design by Rebecca Mae called Dear Daughter, and it is breathtaking. What a beautiful quilt to give a young woman as she starts the next stage of her life.

Debra's Dear Daughter Quilt - Be Kind & Dream Blocks

Debra's Dear Daughter Quilt - With Brave Wings She Flies Block

She quilted it with an all over edge to edge called Periwinkle. This put large five petaled daisy type flowers all over it. I think it was the perfect compliment to the style and feel of the quilt.

Debra's Dear Daughter Quilt - Make Time Block

Just Because Gifts of Time

Judy's Thin Blue Line Quilt

Judy's Thin Blue Line Quilt Back

Judy made this quilt for her son-in-law who is a police officer. Judy let her daughter pick the designs she wanted. I like the nod to the American flag with the 13 alternating stripes but without the corner field with 50 stars. It keeps it a bit more symmetrical. She quilted this free motion using the channel locks of the Millie to create straight lines the length of the stripes and horizontal stripes along the stars. Simple, but effective for this beautiful, heart felt gift of time.

Judy's Longarm Quilting Treatment for the Stars on her Thin Blue Line Quilt

Judy Longarm Quilted Ribbon Candy

Wedding Gifts of Time

Valentine's Day Table Topper

Colleen made these sweet little table runners for a niece’s wedding. We have a two hour minimum to rent our machines. Depending on the tightness of the quilting, a table top like this probably won’t take that long to quilt. What we recommend, which is exactly what Colleen does, is to bring in more than one item to quilt for one reservation. When she comes in to quilt a crib sized or twin quilt, Colleen will then throw on and finish a table topper before going home. She has made twelve, but we never saw more that one or two at a time.

Christmas Table Topper Quilt

She chose a simple meander to complete her February table top. Colleen used the pantograph pattern Seamless, an edge to edge design, to quilt her December topper. Simple, and playful or elegant, these are a great way to decorate for the season. This gift of time is what she has decided to give all her nieces and nephews for their weddings. What a great idea! Here a couple of table runners we’ve seen in the shop.

With Christmas fast approaching, we need to start thinking about what time we have left.  How are you going to form  a gift of time for the people in your life?

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