New Angela Walters Rulers are Here and I’m so Excited!

If you’ve been following longarm machine quilting online, you’ve probably heard of Angela Walters. She a super sweet longarm and domestic machine quilter who creates some really phenomenal quilts. In 2017 she teamed up with Creative Grids to create fun and unique machine quilting rulers. And now she’s at it again with three brand new rulers for your longarm and home sewing machine! Let’s take a look at the new Angela Walters rulers.

Get to Know Taj, Chevy, and Elvira

Angela Walters Rulers - Chevy quilting ruler, Taj quilting ruler, and Elvira quilting ruler

The three newest rulers designed by Angela Walters are Chevy, Taj, and Elvira. Don’t you just love their fun names? Angela designed these with the quilter in mind. They’ve got lots of different reference marks that are white and black. This makes them so easy to see no matter what color your fabric is. And of course they’re made with 1/4″ thick high grade acrylic, so they’re perfectly safe to use with your longarm machine. Each of these rulers will create beautiful and modern quilting designs. I think the best part about Angela Walters rulers is there are so many possibilities! Her rulers don’t make just one quilting design, they make lots.

The shape of Taj was inspired by the dome of the Taj Mahal. Taj makes quilting symmetrical arcs and curves a breeze. You can use both the inside and outside edges of this ruler. Quilt along the outside edge to make elegant pointed arcs. Just be sure to come to a complete stop at the tippy top of the ruler to achieve the sharp arcs. Or if you want a softer, more round design use the inside edge for a leafy motif.

Chevy is a little curvy and a little straight. He gets his name from the chevron designs you can easily quilt with him by quilting on his straight edge. Or add waves to your quilting by using Chevy’s curvy edge. I love how you can easily mix things up by using both sides of this ruler.

Of all Angela Walters rulers, I think I’m most looking forward to trying the Elvira ruler! Mostly because I love her name and the fact that she’s a curvy girl 🙂 . But also because she’s going to help make quilting continuous curves so much easier. Continuous curves are those lovely curving grid based designs. If you’re new to quilting continuous curves, or you’re struggling to keep your curves consistent, Elvira is going to be your new best friend.

Take a look at the announcement video for Angela Walter’s new rulers to see some of the amazing designs you can create with these rulers!

The Whole Angela Walters Ruler Family

Angela Walters Rulers for Quilting

Taj, Chevy, and Elvira join Angela’s four other rulers seen in the photo above. Shorty, Squiggy, Archie, and Slim have many of the same features as their new brothers and sister, but they’ll create even more incredible quilting designs. Click here to learn even more about each of the Angela Walters Rulers!

By the way, don’t you love the background fabric in these photos? That’s called 108″ Drawn Wide and it was also designed by Angela Walters. Isn’t it fabulous? Angela and I must share similar tastes, because I just love so many of her products!

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