Zen custom quilted this fun Coffee themed quilt!

It is always scary starting something new, but sometimes it just works. These ladies all recently joined the ranks of certified quilters ready to rent and complete more masterpieces! We’re excited to have them join us.  

For her rental certification class, Susan brought in simple yardage to practice longarm quilting with.

Susan decided to use a single piece of fabric to learn how to quilt on. It is a great option for a rental certification class. You’d feel less pressure to not make mistakes on something you didn’t spend a lot of time on to start with. You can see how well she completed the Star Dance Pantograph. She’s got some very nice straight lines and sharp points on the stars as well as round curves in the meander and moons. Great job Susan!

Zen custom quilted this fun Coffee themed quilt!

Zen jumped in with both feet!  Zen, pictured here with her husband, chose to custom quilt this lovely little number during her certification class. She used a ribbon candy design in the sashing, swirls in the border and some continuous curves through the big 9 patch blocks. A little meander within the blocks and they’re done.

Zen custom quilted this fun Coffee themed quilt!

First time quilters aren’t always this courageous, but we’re always excited when someone jumps right into free motion quilting!

Melanie's Attic Window quilt was made with the Fantasia Tree panel.

Melanie decided to use a different learning piece to learn to quilt on. This attic window made from a Fantasia Tree panel was her first attic window as well as her first time machine quilting.

Melanie used a silk backing fabric for her baby quilt because the softer fabric is better for baby's sensitive skin and hair.

What makes this unique is her backing is a satin fabric because the smoother fabric is better for a baby’s soft hair. Laying a child down on a satin blanket helps keep them from getting that bald spot on the back of their heads. She used one of our newer design boards that has a sweet flower petal look.

Beverly quilted this fun strip sets quilt with a bubbles design board.

This quilt by Beverly was a model she made for a local quilt shop. I love the use of the Bubble design board she choose to quilt it with. It really accentuates the circular pattern in some of the fabric.  Nicely done, Beverly.

Lynn's Paddington Bear baby quilt is so sweet!

Lynn completed this sweet little Paddington Bear quilt with a Hearts and Flowers design board. I like the simple red, white, and blue of the center.

Debra looks so pleased after longarm quilting for the first time!

Debra created this cute rabbit quilt with nine patch squares. She choose the Feathers Design Board for her rental certification class.

The design boards are a great way to start when you’re new to quilting. They can give you the confidence you need when you’re just beginning. Remember, they are free for use during your certification class, and $8 a use after that. As easy as design boards are, don’t be afraid of pantographs and free motion designs. You can never grow without trying something new and maybe a little frightening.

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