Jodi’s Grand Illusion

Grand Illusion Quilt

There must have been something in the water because this is two Bonnie Hunter quilts in a row from my customers!

Grand Illusion Quilt

Jodi’s quilt, called Grand Illusion, was one of Bonnie’s mystery quilts a couple of years ago. There are so many tiny pieces in this quilt. It’s obvious Jodi put a lot of time and love into this quilt.

Grand Illusion Quilt

When Jodi dropped off her quilt we talked about the different quilting options. There is so much energy in the piecing that no matter how I quilted it, the quilting wouldn’t show very much. But she wanted something a little more interesting than a simple meander.

Grand Illusion Quilt

We decided on the Cascade pantograph. This is a pretty dense panto with lots of swirls and echoes. Because it’s so dense it adds some amazing texture to the quilt but can easily melt into the piecing.

Grand Illusion Quilt

Jodi’s last request was that I use a thread color that would blend well. This was a bit of a challenge. How do you choose a thread that blends across so many colors? I laid out a few options across the quilt top and decided on a grey Glide thread. If you want to know more about how I choose threads for scrappy or high contrast quilts, take a look at this post.

Grand Illusion quilt

The final quilt looks great and Jodi was so pleased!

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