Arlene’s Strippy Double Diamonds, Take Two!

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Strippy Double Diamonds

Arlene Diamonds WS

A couple of years ago, Arlene brought in a top for quilting that I blogged about here. I love colorful quilts, especially when they’re made of batik fabrics, and Arlene brings in some beautiful ones! Here is another Strippy Double Diamonds, but in a different color scheme and without the borders.

Arlene Diamonds MS 1

Why didn’t Arlene add the borders? Who knows? Did anyone notice? I think that arranging the blocks so that the darker fabrics are towards the edge creates a frame for the colorful center.

Arlene Diamonds CU 1

Arlene’s last take on this quilt also reminded me a sunrise, but this time around I’m getting more of a sunset feel. What do you think? No matter what, you can’t deny Arlene has a talent for color placement!

Arlene Diamonds CU 2

For the quilting we decided on one of my favorite pantographs, the Square Spiral. It feels very geometric just like the quilt, but it also has lots of curves to soften the angular piecing. I love how the quilting really pops!

Arlene Diamonds MS 2

Arlene was so pleased when she picked up her quilt, I’m so glad she loved it!

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