Imogene’s Rail Fence

Rail Fence Quilt Variation

Today’s quilt, by Imogene, is a Rail Fence design.  The center is based upon strip sets, and Imogene added several borders to add interest.  What makes this quilt really interesting is that it is made entirely of neutrals!

Rail Fence Quilt Variation

Rail Fence Quilt Variation

Because the color scheme is so simple, Imogene wanted her quilting not to overpower the quilt.  We talked about various options and decided upon the budget value meander for this quilt.  A tan thread talked the most quietly across the lights, mediums and darks, so that is what we used.

Rail Fence Quilt Variation

Imogene prefers a specific feel to her quilts.  She likes them to be light and puffy, not flatter in appearance, and not too hot in this climate.  We talked about the various fiber contents of batting and which might be most appropriate while giving her the look she wanted.  She eventually settled on Hobbs 80/20, one of our most popular battings at Quilted Joy.

Rail Fence Variation Quilt

Thank you for bringing your beautiful top to us for quilting, Imogene!

Rail Fence Variation

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