The Spot On Laser Bracket is Back in Stock!

Spot On Laser Bracket for APQS longarm quilting machines with LED light panel for use with computerized systems

I’m so excited because the Spot On Laser Bracket for APQS computerized quilters is back in stock!

Spot On Laser Bracket for APQS longarm quilting machines with LED light panel for use with computerized systems

The Spot On a simple solution to a problem that was driving me crazy for years! It was such a process to click in points while quilting with my computerized APQS Millie. I had to drop my needle down to double check I was in the exact spot before clicking in each point. This bracket allows you to position your laser pointer at the front of your machine. Now you can shine the laser into the dead center of your hopping foot and clicking in points is easy-peasy! With the Spot On, you can mark the boundaries for your blocks, borders and other motifs on your APQS computerized quilting machine quickly and accurately.

You can get your own Spot On here!


Spot On Laser Bracket for APQS computerized quilters

Please be aware, the Spot On is ONLY for Next Generation APQS machines with the LED light panel. If your APQS machine has a fluorescent tube light hanging below your handles this laser bracket will not fit. You must have an APQS machine that has LED lights. If you are unsure if you have a LED light APQS machine, please contact so we can help you.

If you have a Mille30 machine you will need an extension cord for the laser light that came with your machine as that machine has a much larger throat. If you have a Larry, Lenni, Lucey, Freddie (Freedom), Mille (Millennium)- you don’t need anything extra as the laser light extension cord is plenty long. Only the Mille30 machine requires a laser light extension cord.

The Spot On is especially perfect for APQS Intelliquilter and/or Quilt Path owners. This bracket is only for APQS machines. It will not fit other brands. You must have an APQS machine with LED lights – not a fluorescent tube light.

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