A Very Special Hand-Pieced Quilt

Contemporary Log Cabin Quilt

Usually, when a customer brings me a contemporary or modern quilt to be quilted, it has been machine-pieced.  This quilt is the exception to the rule – it has been hand-pieced.  Why hand-pieced?  You’ll understand soon…

Contemporary Log Cabin Quilt

Sarah, who recently moved to the Louisville area from Wisconsin, brought this quilt to me a few weeks ago.  As you can see, it is a log cabin design using wider logs.  She said that her family picked out the fabrics and even cut out the pieces.  She then pieced the blocks, then sewed together the rows, then completed the center.  All by hand.

Contemporary Log Cabin Quilt

Sarah’s husband came along to help her select a backing and a quilting design.  They picked Spot On in steel grey for the backing, which is just perfect for the contemporary vibe of this quilt.  Sarah liked the Star Swirl pantograph, which is quilted edge-to-edge on this quilt with light grey thread.

Spot On Wide 108" wide backing fabric

Contemporary Log Cabin Quilt

We love all of the tops that come to us for quilting – they all have special stories.  Sarah’s is extra-special, though.  She hand-pieced this quilt (as she has many others) because she is blind.  I am impressed that she is able to piece by hand without sight so well, because it’s a skill that not very many of us who CAN see well have anymore.  She has embraced blindness and makes beautiful quilts in spite of it – something for us all to remember when our tension is misbehaving or our machines are creating bobbin nests.  Thank you for the inspiration, Sarah!

Contemporary Log Cabin quilt

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