Back to School? Time for T-Shirt Quilts!

Come to T-shirt quilt camp and learn how to turn that pile of old T-shirts into a wonderful quilt, a little piece of home that is full of memories!

Do you have a loved one leaving for college or for a new apartment?  Make them a quilt from their favorite T-shirts so they can take a little bit of home with them wherever they go!

Learn to make a cherished keepsake at the T-shirt Quilt Camp

On Sat. July 30, Sat. August 6, and Sat. August 13 Liz Kodner will host a T-shirt quilt camp in our classroom.  This class is designed specifically for those who’ve never sewn or for those who would like a refresher course. Don’t worry, though, we are only working with straight seams so this is going to be SUPER simple and easy!  During your three full-day sessions, you will use 12 of your own t-shirts that have been freshly laundered without fabric softener. At the end of the class you’ll have a twin sized quilt top!

This class will focus on stabilizing those stretchy knit fabrics, cutting out designs, laying them out, and adding decorative touches such as sashing.  Liz will also talk about choices for quilting and why certain styles, such as meandering, work better than others.

First, we’ll talk about T-shirts and other special textile mementos such as ties, ribbons, puffed machine embroidery, painted textiles, and three-dimensional objects.  How do you include these in your quilt?  What needs to be stabilized?  What can you quilt through and what should you quilt around?  What impact do these items have on its durability?

T-Shirt Quilt Angela made for her dad, QuiltedJoy.comNext, we’ll make the T-shirt quilt top.  First, we’ll learn what stabilizers to use and how to use them.  The heat press here in the studio makes stabilizing so much quicker and easier than using an iron!  Next, we’ll learn to use common tools to mark and cut out what we want in our quilts.  The layout for this class will be fairly simple, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll be ready to try using T-shirts in other designs!

Your finished quilt will be as unique as that special family member for whom you’re making it! You’ll need to bring a few items for the class including a sewing machine in good working order with a new needle, fabric scissors, a rotary cutter, cotton thread, and a 15 inch square cutting ruler.  You will also have the option to take a discounted longarm certification class if you wish to use our longarm machines to quilt your finished T-shirt quilt top yourself or, we can do it for you! Of course, we will also demo how to quilt your top on your regular sewing machine if you choose to quilt it up that way too.

View the full supply list and register for the class here!

Grab your shirts and get ready to make a sentimental gift for that someone special or just celebrate life’s moments through your favorite shirts. You will love how easy this is going to be!

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