There are No Teams in Quilting!

There are no teams in quilting! Our renters come from all different backgrounds and team loyalties, but we have one thing in common - our love of quilting!

Each strip in this quilt was made from Erin's husband's shirts. What a fun take on the t-shirt quilt that also encourages you to replace old work shirts! -

In my last post about renters, I told you about Erin. Well, she came right back in after her certification class to quilt two big guys! This first one was made from scraps of her husband’s quilts. She joked that she needed to run to the store after her rental because one of the shirts she cut up for this quilt was made from his favorite shirt and she stole it from the closet while he was out of town on business. Here’s hoping he’ll be too pleased with his new quilt to be upset! Erin enjoys free motion quilting and gave this quilt some simple “e’s” and “l’s”. Without realizing it, Erin used one of my tips for getting started in free motion quilting – just use your own cursive handwriting to create unique motifs that look amazing!

Erin free motion quilted "e's" and "l's" on this quilt. This is a great technique for getting started with free motion quilting -

Erin must have had a huge scraps collection for this Scrappy Around the World quilt! -

For her Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt she did another free hand design. Using her squares as a guide, she made simple loops that point up and down. Most people would be tempted to stay in the same row or column of squares. But for every other square, Erin dipped down into the next row. This creates an interesting interlocking all over design. It’s hard to believe this was only her second time on the longarm! Be sure to check out Erin’s blog, she has a lot of fun projects ideas and easy to follow tutorials over there.

Use your piecing as a guide for your free motion quilting ideas! Dip into alternating rows or columns for an interlocking all over design -

Renee and Sandy show off their finished quilts after their rental certification class -

Good friends Sandy and Renee came in for their rental certification together. They had a great time learning the ends and outs of longarm quilting! Longarm coach Amy was so surprised to see the two of them were friends, Renee was wearing a UK shirt and Sandy was decked out in U of L apparel. Renee said teams have nothing to do with quilting and they can still hang out together! Sandy’s quilt was a solid batik block with alternating split rail blocks. The colors sang with vibrancy, without being rainbowish. The quilting design she chose was the drop circle design. She used purple thread that read nicely on the front and back. It looked perfect combined with the piecing and fabric.

The colors in Sandy's batik lap quilt were stunning!

Renee chose a pink thread that contrasts nicely with her brown backing fabric -

Renee’s quilt top was a solid piece of Riley Blake fabric. The back of the quilt was solid brown that picked up on the strips in the top. She chose pink thread which showed up nicely on the front and back. The quilting pattern is paisley posey design board. It accented the girly flair of her top. Both ladies had a great time together and put aside their team loyalty differences for the love of quilting!

Tammie quilted her Tulips in the Snow quilt on an APQS longarm at Quilted Joy

Tammie’s stunning quilt is called “tulips in the snow.” She created the top with different red prints in the 20 block layout and kept the white areas all the same fabric. The quilting pattern is the snowflakes design board which looks beautiful with the themed design. Can’t you imagine snuggling up on a cold winter’s night under this fabulous quilt? Tammie did a great job with all aspects of her quilt. We can’t wait to see what she’ll bring in next! This was only her second longarm experience. Great job Tammie!

The snowflake design looks amazing on the back of Tammie's Tulips in the Snow quilt -

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