Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp

Learn a variety of hand dyeing techniques at the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp! - QuiltedJoy.com

Learn to create stamps for your own fabrics in the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp

Part of the fun of renting out machines is getting to see all the beautiful quilts the locals are working on. There’s inspiring piecing patterns, incredible color palettes, and luscious fabrics. Earlier this fall, Pat came in for her rental certification class with some really beautiful dyed fabrics. After drooling over them for a while, I finally just had to know where she found her fabrics. Her response? “Oh, it’s just some cotton sateen I dyed myself,” she said, like it’s no big deal. My jaw just dropped! Here I was thinking these must be from the newest line of Cherrywood Fabrics, and it turns out I’m teaching a very talented fiber artist.

Learn to make your own hand dyed fabrics at the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp - QuiltedJoy.com

I am very excited to announce the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp, a three day class on fabric dyeing taught by the incredible Pat Sturtzel!

Learn a variety of hand dyeing techniques at the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp! - QuiltedJoy.com

Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp, $295

January 21-23, 2016
10:00am-4:00pm each day

Cotton scarves hand dyed using techniques taught in the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp - QuiltedJoy.comDuring this three day intensive class students will explore an assortment of fabric dyeing techniques using Procion MX dyes. The first day of class will be spent creating our own unique stamps for prints and learning the basic techniques of fabric dyeing including shibori techniques, batik, over-dyeing, and creating color gradations. Over the next two days we’ll expand upon those techniques, slowly working towards more complex looks and creating designs using soy wax and the stamps we made on day one. At the end of the three days, you will take home the equivalent of at least 8 yards – or about 32 fat quarters – of beautiful dyed fabrics you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family!

Thursday and Friday evenings, students will be taking their fabrics home to wash them out. Before the end of each day Pat will give a demonstration of the wash-out process. Students may also want to spend some time at home refining their stamps.

Every student is required to bring the equivalent of 8 yards of 45″ wide cotton fabric which has been pre-washed in HOT water with a small amount of mild detergent. We will be cutting the fabric into fat quarter sized pieces during the class.

Quilted Joy has fabric available for purchase. You can choose between 8 yards of 45″ wide white Kona cotton or 3.5 yards of the 118″ wide white cotton sateen fabric. You do not need both kits. The cotton sateen is Pat’s favorite for hand dyeing. It picks up the colors so well and feels amazing!

In addition, students can bring small pieces of assorted cotton, rayon, silk, hemp, or linen fabrics to try out.

Supply List
  • Equivalent of 8 yards of white 45″ wide cotton fabric, pre-washed in HOT water with a small amount of mild detergent. Quilted Joy has optional fabric kits available for purchase.
  • Wear old clothes and/or bring an apron and protective gloves
  • Basic hand sewing kit
  • Sharpie permanent marker
  • Sketchbook
  • Pencil
  • Box of 24 or more quart size freezer Zip-lock bags
  • 5 gallon bucket to carry home bags of dyed fabric pieces
Optional Supplies
  • Things to manipulate fabric with – rubber bands, craft sticks, plexi-glass shapes, buttons, marbles, short pieces of PVC pipes of different diameters
  • Things to dip into wax to create designs – metal tools like kitchen utensils, sponges with different textures, empty thread spools
  • Stamps for printing on fabric – You will be learning to make your own, but if you have a favorite stamp, bring it!

Putting Together the Pieces: Fabric Dyeing, Surface Design, and Quilt-Making, $6

Lecture and Trunk Show
Friday, January 22, 2016

Spend an evening getting to know Pat in this lecture and trunk show. Travel through the experiences that lead her to where she is today in her artistic journey. From piecing her first quilt 40 years ago to facilitating fiber art experiences with a variety of populations. She will display quilts and fiber art projects and a slide show of the many projects she facilitated – including individual work and collaborative projects. She may even have some of her amazing fabrics for sale!

Pat Sturtzel, instructor for the Dip, Dye, and Dabble Day Camp at Quilted Joy, January 21-23, 2016In addition to exhibiting and selling her own work, Pat is a teaching artist with a focus on fiber techniques. She facilitates projects through the KY Arts Council, VSA arts of KY, The Kentucky Center’s Arts in Healing Program and several other organizations. Pat has been a quilt maker for over 30 years and has been teaching fabric dyeing and surface design techniques for 8 years. Pat encourages individual expression, while also drawing from traditional fiber based techniques. Pat teaches from a perspective of developing your own visual language through the dyeing, painting, and printing of fabrics used in the construction of a quilt. In this way, even if using a traditional pattern, the work is still your own.

Pat was named 2015 Teacher of the Year by the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals. Nominated for this award by her students in recognition of the quality of her teaching and the enthusiasm she generates for the world of quiltmaking, Pat is best known for facilitating group collaborative quilts and for teaching fiber art processes. Several times a year, she works with quiltmakers and others wanting to learn fabric dyeing, surface design techniques, and incorporation of those fabrics into quilts. She wants people to connect with fabric, so she has developed a variety of methods for that to happen.

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