NEW! The Angela Huffman Essentials

The Angela Huffman Essentials from Glide

If you’ve ever talked to me about thread you probably already know I have a number of favorite threads I like to use for quilting. One of my favorite 40 weight polyester threads is Glide! It has a slight sheen that reminds me of a good pair of diamond earrings – it catches the eye without being obnoxious about it. I think it’s a good quality to have in a quilting thread, you want your work to shine but still fit in nicely with the quilt’s piecing too.

With all that build up, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am to introduce you to the Angela Huffman Essentials from Glide!

The Angela Huffman Essentials from GlideI had such a great time working with Fil-Tec to create this new collection. It features twelve 1,000 meter cones in the colors I find myself reaching for time and time again: Chocolate, Sienna, Cork, Rock Navy, Sky, Amethyst, Willow, Basil, Aqua, Sea Foam, Pink Rose, and Yellow Whisper.

What I like best about this collection – aside from the fact these are my favorite colors – is it’s not just neutrals. I feel like many thread kits I see are different variations of white and cream, or have colors so bright I’m afraid I’ll never be able find the right quilt for them. My essentials collection has lots of rich earthy tones, mixed with a few brighter colors as well. These threads will be at home in quilts with a variety of color schemes.

The Angela Huffman Essentials from Glide

The Angela Huffman Essentials is now available in the online store!

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