Minions and Flames

Minions and Flames - Renters at QuiltedJoy.com

Some of Quilted Joy’s renters have been bringing in fun themed quilts lately that are too good not to share!

Rose's Harley Davidson quilt

Sisters Rose and Debra were just in a couple of weeks ago for their rental certification class, and they’re already back in the showroom! Rose was working on a Harley Davidson quilt. This quilt is a pattern from Erin Underwood called Optical Illusions. We have several pantographs here with designs that look like flames or wind blowing by. Rose’s favorite was Fantasy Flame by Jessica Schick, it looks like the flame decals you’ll see on some motorcycles.

Fantasy Flame Pantograph by Jessica Schick on a Harley Davidson quilt - QuiltedJoy.com

Debra's Log Cabin Variation - QuiltedJoy.com

For her colorful Log Cabin Variation, Debra wanted to do some simple straight line quilting. I love the look of straight line quilting, but the actual work can be a bore for me. Luckily, the process is super simple because the APQS Millie has channel locks that make the quilting fast and easy. And, Debra said she had just as much fun quilting lines as she did quilting a pantograph. To make this quilt, Debra got together with a group of friends who all brought along a jelly roll. They then traded fabrics until everybody had the colors they wanted, and they were finally ready to start piecing. Sounds like a fun group to quilt with!

Colleen's Minions Quilt - QuiltedJoy.com

Colleen was back in the shop, this time with a Minions quilt for her grandson. She said this was her first character quilt because she always worried her grandkids wouldn’t like the character in a few years. But she decided to take the plunge on this minions quilt because she’s hoping her grandson will simply love it so much he wears it out! She also said he’s been anxious for his quilt, he saw it on her design wall and was asking about it ever since! Colleen wanted the swirls design board because it reminds her of the big goggles all the minions wear.

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