Lots of Renters!

I have had a boatload of renters, new and experienced, over the last several weeks!  Take a look at some of the beautiful quilts they were working on in the shop.

First we had friends Helen and Sandy.  Sandy already has her own longarm, and talked about it so much to Helen that she just had to give it a try.  Helen worked on this great table cover, while Sandy took my advice and made a quilt her dog will look great on!

Helen's Table Cover

Helen used the Square Spiral pantograph.  This is one of my favorite paper pantos, it doesn’t really have a gender bias and it looks great on most quilts!  Sandy went with the Hearts Fancy paper pantograph, another of my favorites especially on baby quilts.  Her puppy will always feel loved while resting on her new quilt!

I love the dog print on the back of Sandy's quilt.








Here’s another group of friends who all came in to take the rental certification class together.  Sisters Nancy and Mary are working on quilts made from the shirts belonging to their late brother-in-law.  They have made a top for each of his children and his wife.  I know the family will be very grateful for these beautiful memory quilts!

Sisters Nancy and Mary working on memory quilts for their late brother-in-law's family











Mary’s friend and coworker Bill also joined them for the class.  Bill said he took a class a couple years ago where he hand dyed those luscious blocks in his quilt.  I love the excitement in quilters when they can finally finish a quilt that’s been waiting in the closet for years.

Bill hand dyed the blocks in his quilt.







Finally we had Colleen back in the shop.  She always has something really interesting on the frame, like this great airplane quilt she’s making for her nephew’s graduation gift.  I also love how perfectly the Airborne paper pantograph complements the top!

The front of Colleen's amazing airplane quiltThe back of Colleen's amazing airplane quilt.

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