Angela’s Favorite Filler Designs

Angela from Quilted Joy shares five of her favorite filler designs, along with video instructions!

Angela from Quilted Joy shares five of her favorite filler designs, along with video instructions! Last year I got tired of stippling and meandering, so I took a pledge to myself to go a whole year without using that basic design.  That pledge forced me to use other filler designs and these are my current five favorite filler designs.  Of course if you ask me next week what my five favorite filler designs are you know I’d have different answers, right?  I love so many designs it is hard to narrow it down to only five!  What are some of your favorite filler designs?  Let me know in the comments!


1) Hooked Feather

This is my all time favorite!  I just love how romantic and flowy it is.  Depending on the size this would also be a great all over pattern too.  And it is easy to make since there is no backtracking.  Love it!


2) Pebbles and Marbles

This filler looks great on so many different kinds of quilts.  It even works nicely on modern quilts but this version will help you cover more ground more quickly.  It is a way to speed up the pebble process without feeling like your eyes are bleeding! 🙂


3) Dense Branching Curled Filler

This filler is one of those foundational patterns.  If you can learn this one you can learn a host of others.  This pattern will train your brain to change the direction of your filler designs with every other motif.  Learn this design and use it as a spine to travel around your block.


4) Circle Echo Filler

I love this one, and it looks great on kiddo quilts too!  Sometimes finding something to put behind a kiddo applique is difficult.  This will look right at home!  Imagine it behind a Dr. Suess quilt or something with monsters.  LOVE!


5) Echoed Lines and Swirls

This one will serve you well over time.  It is similar to McTavishing – which I adore as a filler design.  You’ll be able to fill up that negative space quickly with this design.

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