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The Classes & Events page has been updated with a big bundle of classes I’ll be teaching over the next several months.  Check out the list below!

APQS Beginning Longarm Quilting Class, $200

(Free for APQS machine buyers)

January 8, 10-4pm

This course is free to those who purchase an APQS machine, but is also open to those who own a different brand machine.  This is a comprehensive class that covers multiple ways to load a quilt on a frame, how to set tension, how to use pantographs and line them up, basic machine maintenance (APQS specific), how to choose threads and batting, and we also touch on basic custom quilting.  It is mainly lecture/demo so be sure to bring something to write with and a list of any questions you may have.  This class covers much, much more than our rental certification course.  Taking this course will also certify you to rent our longarm machines by the hour in the future![hr]

Advanced Beginner Longarm Class, $125

January 9, 12-4pm
This course picks up where the APQS Beginning Longarm Class stops. This class offers a broad over view of  custom quilting. Learn easy custom border/corner/sashing treatment. See how to “read” a quilt top and interpret a quilt top to select the best design. Explore some approaches to feathers that are perfect for the beginning longarm quilter. We’ll discuss common problems with quilt tops and how to solve them. We will also introduce ruler work and explore how to use templates. This class offers the birds-eye view of custom quilting so you are ready for more focused and rigorous classes.[hr]

Using Stencils on a Longarm – From Simple Borders to Background Gridwork Fillers, $89

February 20, 9:30am-12:30pm

Look at stencils in a whole new way. Learn which stencils will serve you well over time as you explore custom quilting. See how to use grid stencils to create heirloom background fillers based off squared and diamond shaped grids. Watch how a basic stencil can break a block down into pieces to allow you the freedom to focus on one small portion of a repeatable design to create wonderful custom block designs. Use them to guarantee evenly spaced freehand designs in borders and sashing. [hr]

Filling Open Spaces with Sculpted Quilting, $89

February 20, 1:30pm-4:30pm

We all know the quilting makes the quilt, but have you noticed that some quilts just “pop”? Find out the secrets to making your quilting rise above the rest. In this hands on class we will play with ways to sculpt our quilting motifs in order to draw attention to the stitching which will make your quilt tops blue ribbon ready. With your machine partner you’ll dive into simple ruler work that will provide the structure needed to carve out spectacular quilting. [hr]

Sew Easy Background Fillers Hands on Longarm Class, $89

February 21, 9:30am-12:30pm

What background fillers do you like to use behind appliqué or in the negative spaces in your quilt top? Are you ready to learn some new, easy filler designs that will compliment any quilt style? Come learn how to make even the most complicated background filler design easy to accomplish.  In this hands on class we’ll have fabric loaded on all of our longarm machines with a maximum of two students per table. You can choose to have a tote bag panel loaded to the frame ready for you to quilt with your new background fillers for a kit fee of $15 which you must order at least 24 hours prior to class. The tote fabric will have a pre-quilted center on Super Stable interfacing. We’ll fill in around the motif with versatile background designs that you’ll love using in the future. If you’d rather just quilt on plain fabric, there is no kit fee. [hr]

Playing with Rulers and Templates for Beginners, $89

February 21, 1:30-4:30pm

We will explore a variety of longarm rulers and how to use them on the machine to break a quilt top down into smaller sections for spectacular results. We will start with how to do Stitch in the Ditch quilting on a longarm machine and work up to scallops, swags, curved cross-hatching, piano keys and other ways to use rulers for eye popping results. Then we’ll pump up the volume by using our rulers as spines to create containers to hold free motion designs. [hr]

Easy Border Designs the Write Way, $89

March 26, 9:30am-12:30om

We are going back to fourth grade as we explore how to expand basic cursive handwriting into easy free motion border designs. You’ll love how you can quickly bend shapes you’ve been making your whole life into simple and effective motifs! This class is perfect for the shy beginner and the confident intermediate quilter who wants to dip their toe into custom quilting but isn’t sure what to do with those intimidating lengths of fabric that frame a quilt. You’ll share time with a quilting partner on a longarm quilting machine and walk out of this class with DOZENS of new designs. Did you flunk cursive writing in school? Don’t worry! That means it will be even easier for you to catch on! Find out how to use your ABC’s for more than just spelling and get ready to graduate into easy custom border designs the “Write Way”! [hr]

Feathers for the Timid Longarmer, $89

March 26, 1:30[4:30pm

Feathers can be so intimidating but don’t let them make you molt! See how the hardest feather is made and then learn how to adapt it so that you can quilt it simply and easily. Have you heard the terms: Formal Feathers, Over the Top Feathers, Bump-a Bump Feathers, Hooked Feathers? There are so many different kind of feathers out there that aren’t hard. In this class we’ll dissect them all! We’ll take a look at a variety of styles so you can pick the kind of feather design YOU like best for your quilt tops. In this hands on class you’ll share a machine with a sewing partner- limit 2 people per machine. [hr]

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