Custom Quilt: Butterfly Quilt

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Here’s a beautiful custom quilt I recently finished in the middle of my Christmas crunch.

This is a classic example of a two color quilt, a style that typically never looks dated.  The green fabric is nicely reminiscent of the meadows the butterflies would be flying over.  To keep with that theme, I used a light green Glide thread that would really pop in the empty blocks and borders and a plain muslin backing that would really show off the quilting.


A more subtle cream Glide thread was used for the meandering behind the butterflies, so they could stay the highlight of those blocks.  Normally, I would add a little quilting to the appliqué to really nail them down, but I was asked to leave them alone and loose.  With all the plain blocks, I knew that whichever design I chose, those blocks were really going to stand out.  To add a little variety, there are two different alternating block designs.  A simple S curve design fills the inner border.  For the outer border there’s a feather design with a scalloped feel as the quilt leans more formal than whimsical.


Between all the quilt shows, traveling, and Christmas quilts I’ve been doing this fall, it took me a while to finish this quilt.  But I’m so glad the customer was patient and waited for me because this quilt really came alive!


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