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Next month I’ll be teaching two of my favorite classes: The APQS Beginning Longarm Quilting Class and the Advanced Beginner Longarm Class.  This two day series gives me an opportunity to give new longarm quilting machine owners the best possible start to their new quilting adventure.

The Beginning Longarm Quilting class is comprehensive and incredibly valuable!  This lecture/demo class is designed to help those who own their own stand-up quilting machine regardless of the brand.  We’ll discuss the many ways to load a quilt on a frame, how to set tension, how to use and line up pantographs, basic APQS machine maintenance, and how to choose threads and batting.  We’ll also touch on some business topics.

After teaching this class a few times, I never had time to discuss everything on my mind.  There are just too many important topics and great questions!  Thus, the Advanced Beginner Class was born!  We pick up where the Beginning Longarm Class stops.  Learn how to read and interpret a quilt top to select the best designs.  Explore the approaches to feathers, ruler work, and templates.  Get the birds-eye view of custom quilting so you’re ready for more focused classes.

The best part of these classes is getting to know the quilters, many of whom just bought their first longarm machine.  Their enthusiasm and joy is so apparent, and I’m more than happy to encourage it!  I can steer them away from some of my biggest mistakes and hopefully make starting out a little easier.

The APQS Beginning Longarm Quilting Class is January 8, 10am-4pm for $200.  This course is free to those who purchased an APQS machine and is open to those who own a different brand machine. If you have recently purchased an APQS machine and would like to register for the class please give me a call or send me an email. If you own a different brand machine or bought your machine used through a private sale, you can register for the class by clicking here.

The Advanced Beginner Longarm Class is the next day, January 9, 12-4pm for $125.

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