Store Progress: Dots and Swirls!

I had my kidlets with me this weekend and they were a huge help. GooseyGirl helped me put up the dots on the green focal wall. She had a difficult time doing “random” as her first instinct is to bring out a calculator and ruler to evenly space the dots across the wall. 🙂

dots on focal wall
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My mom helped me build the cutting table next to the cash register and RocketMan applied swirly accents to the front of it all! I really like them.

Swirled cashwrap
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In the back work space there was an odd blue paint line that encircled the entire room. I didn’t have any of the background butterscotch color to cover it up with and since the ceiling back there is 18′, I’m not about to paint it. Instead, I found this border at Home Depot that reminds me of applique blocks. I think it works nicely back there and it covers up the blue line.

applique wallpaper border
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Now I just have to install all the longarm machines and bring in the merchandise. Exciting stuff!

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  1. Angela: i am enjoying your blogs and the great progress you have already made. I can’t wait to see the finish product. You made it a family affair. Best of luck.

  2. Well. It looks like I need to make a plan to visit when I move up to KY, in the Spring! My household and quilt room “stuff” are already up there, so I MUST follow! LOL

    Good job, Angela. You are a wonderful example for anyone today, who has an idea, common sense and stamina. You, simply, ROCK, and I’m so glad to know you…

    Remain calm and carry on…

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