I got the keys! Announcing the opening of APQS Longarm Showroom & Training Center in Louisville!

I got the keys!

Quilted Joy Studios Front
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Quilted Joy Studios Back
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This October the Ohio Valley APQS Regional Showroom and Longarm Training Center will open to the public. It is located inside Quilted Joy Studios. There will be oodles of longarm machines, a large classroom, a retail space for notions/wide back fabrics/batting/thread- all in 2700 sq ft of space in Louisville, Ky right off I-64.

I’ll be renting out machines by the hour, teaching machine quilting classes, teaching computerized quilting classes, hosting national teachers, hosting day retreats and working out of the space for my personal studio as well.

I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED… (and a wee bit terrified).

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  1. Who’s that standing next to you? Oh wait… nevermind… I see that you are so excited you are ‘beside yourself’!

    Congratulations! You have worked so hard over the years to be the Professional that you are… so proud of you!

  2. Congratulations! How Wonderful. Hope I can someday take a roadtrip and to come and see! I can’t imagine how excited you must be! Enjoy the feeling and may it remain in your heart even through any potential hard days that might be ahead! I imagine every business must have a few hard days, but I’m hoping yours will be few and far between, but that this joy you are feeling will make them seem easier!

  3. Congrats Angela,
    I was very happy to meet you this weekend at the Sew and Quilt Expo. I can’t wait to sign up for the longarm training. My offer to paint still stands!

  4. I am very excited to find you.!! My sister and I just purchased an intelliquilter in August. I live in Boone Co., KY/ I would love to take some classes from you. I am interested in learning how to quilt side borders when you have to roll the quilt and mark on quilt when you have to roll the quilt, I am interested in creating a wholecloth . I am looking forwarding to finding our store in October


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