Cross Stitched Bird Sanctuary Quilt

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Birds hand stitched quilt
Cross Stitch Bird wreath
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I tried cross stitching a long time ago and it never really clicked with me but I know there are oodles of people who love to cross stitch. Kits with pre-printed cross stitch patterns are also popular and this quilt I recently did for a customer was one that had been finished quite some time ago but never quilted.

Cross stitch birds
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Typically these preprinted kits have a blue mark showing where to hand quilt the top. Unfortunately, in my experience, those blue lines don’t come out.

Birds hand stitched quilt
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Also, those quilting lines don’t translate to machine quilting. Instead, I’ve found a nice edge to edge pattern with a skinny thread works nicely over the cross stitch.

Cross stitch robin
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The thread used for the cross stitch motifs is very thick so a skinny quilting thread isn’t even noticeable as it scoots over the cross stitch area.

Cross stitch cardinal
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This quilt featured all different birds with a simple swag in the outside border. My customer chose the Funky Fleur De Lis panto which is a perfect fit for Louisvillians. Our city symbol is the Fleur de Lis so this panto is very popular here!

Cross Stitch birds
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