Sandi’s Drawing Quilt

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Kid art quilt
Kid art quilt
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Take a look at how awesome this quilt elevates kiddo artwork.

Kid art quilt longarm apqs
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I’m not sure how she printed the artwork on fabric because normally printed fabric is stiff and has no drape. This printed fabric, though, is soft and pliable.

Kid art quilt
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Each artwork drawing is framed out to allow each art piece to stand on its own.

Kid art quilt
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The quilt was done with an all over, edge to edge panto called Curley Bubbles by Janet-Lee Santeusanio. When I look back over which pantos are the most popular with my customers, this is definitely super popular.

Kid art quilt longarm
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Stitching this panto out with a computerized system is ideal. This pattern would be difficult to do freehand and get all of those circles perfect. Have I mentioned how much I love computerized quilting?

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  1. I want to thank you for the beautiful quilting you did on my quilt. As you mentioned, curley bubbles make the pictures my granddaughter did in school stand out I am very pleased.

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