Merry Go Round with Bubbles

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Border long arm quilting

The quilt was taught as a class locally and I’ve quilted a number of them. I really love the playfulness of the pattern.

Merry Go Round Quilt
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On this top I did the Curley Bubbles Pantograph just on the inside portion of the quilt. I’m not sure if you can see it but there is a flange between the body of the quilt and the borders. The flange dictates that doing an all over design won’t work because it would nail down the flange. So, I kept the pantograph just in the body of the quilt.

Merry Go Round Quilt
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The inner border was done with a flowing freehand feather that travels nicely and is quite fun to stitch.

Border long arm quilting
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The outer border is a posie design that is super hard to see but, trust me, it is there! 🙂

Border longarm quilting
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It is a cute, dramatic quilt that looks like it was pretty simple to construct. Cute and easy- can’t ask for much more than that, eh?

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