Luscious Leaves with Log Cabin Frames

Take a look at the back side of this next quilt. This pantograph has many different types of leaves in it and I love the way it stitches out. I call it Luscious Leaves but I’m sure that isn’t the real name for this pantograph. I should be more diligent when I’m loading in patterns to keep the name the designer gave it, eh? If you know the name of the panto, leave it in the comments section below.

Back of leaf panto
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Plus, on this quilt the pantograph is perfect! Jackie made this top with log cabin blocks framing out her leaf blocks.

leaf with log cabin
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She used 3D prairie points along the inner border so she asked me to keep the pantograph within the inner area of the quilt top. I used the new feature that was introduced from Intelliquilter called Tweak. With it I could easily adjust each row to match her specific quilt boundaries. It was effortless and looks great!

leaf with log cabin
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