Circus With The Kidlets

circusRecently we went to the circus and we typically go every year. I just love it!

Circus when kidlets were small
Kidlets with Granny at the circus. I think they were about 4 here.

When the kidlets were small it seemed like every year we’d always have at least one sick kid during circus time. Thankfully this year they were all healthy.

We got there a little late and the circus had already started. The lights were down and I couldn’t find our seats. I was backing up to give room for the kids to get out of the way of those seated in the front rows when I tripped over the stairs and fell right on my butt.

RocketMan Tiny
RocketMan at circus about 4 years old
RocketMan 2012


The cotton candy man helped pick me up, I was fine, and we eventually found out seats. Once we did sit down, RocketMan said, “That was the most embarrassing moment of my life”.

GooseyGirl Little
GooseyGirl at the circus about 4 years old.
GooseyGirl Circus 2012
GooseyGirl at the circus 2012


Yep, his mother falling on the stairs embarrassed him. I told him that there were women in bikinis swinging on ropes with sparkles and spotlights so I was quite sure no one was paying any attention to his mother.

Hmmm… the power I have to embarrass them should be leveraged somehow, don’t you think?

One of the circus acts were these two motorcycle dudes driving off ramps and flipping through the air. I sincerely hope my boys do not decide to follow that career path as they’d have to get me a valium IV. My kidlets turn 13 next month so start praying for me now. Raising teenage triplets is going to be an adventure for sure!

BirdMan Circus 2012
BirdMan at the Circus 2012
Birdman little circus
BirdMan at the circus about 4 years old.


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