Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA

Magic of Roses Background filler
Booth at the Hampton Quilt Show
from left to right: Me, Josh & Lorraine

This week I’m in Hampton, VA at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. I do have a quilt in this year’s competition. You can see it here. Unfortunately it didn’t get any love from the judges. However, I thought you might like to see some of the quilts that did win awards (and some quilts that I thought were pretty cool even if the judges didn’t agree).

Antique roses quilt
Magic of the Rose

I’ll post some photos over the next few days.

This one is called Magic of the Rose and was made by Kristin Vierra, Joan Waldman,Gloria Miller, Marie Clark, and Sandi Kosch.

Magic of Roses Background filler
Background filler

The background quilting on the Ombre fabric was stunning. This quilt glowed. It is called Star Struck and was made by Cheryl See.

Star Hexagon quilt
Star Struck

The next quilt to share with you is jaw-dropping. This quilt is made from 12,256 hexagons. Make that, tiny, tiny, tiny hexagons.

Star Struck detail background
Background Quilting

Oh, and tons of embroidery work and even beading on top of it.

Star Struck detail
Detail of Star Struck

Look at how the colors move through the quilt top. I didn’t get a shot of the back but it had criss crossed bias strips. AMAZING!

Star Struck Beading
Star Struck Beading Detail

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  1. You’re killing me here. That’s my star quilt, but you don’t say if it was one of the ones that won. I don’t see a ribbon, so I probably am out of luck, if you could let me know one way or the other, I would appreciate it. The suspense is killing me.

  2. I’m told my quilt didn’t get any judge love at Mid-Atlantic, either. I’m not to broken hearted about it because it has bigger and better things ahead. Would’ve been cool since I used to live there though. So you’re not alone in your lovelessness!
    I hope you have fun at the show. Wish I could be there too!

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