Back home at last!

I spent last week in Cincinnati working in the APQS booth at the HUGE quilt show in the convention center.

Before the quilt show my kidlets came up with granny so we could got to the aquarium and the zoo. Our favorite area in the zoo was the lorikeet landing. We must have stayed in there for an hour feeding nectar to the lorikeets. All three of my kiddos got pooped on so a good time was had by all. 🙂

This area of the zoo was their favorite part and they all said that at a $1 a cup, it is the most fun for the money in the zoo.

We hadn’t been to the aquarium before and it was fascinating. I loved the way they presented the jellyfish. All the tanks were framed out with picture molding to show off the movement of the jellyfish as a piece of art. One of the areas had a spot where you could go behind the glass and it looks as if you are caught in the jellyfish tank. RocketMan thought that was the perfect place to pretend to be jellyfish food.

I had fun at the quilt show demoing longarm machines but last night I had a dream I was giving a demo and talking a lady through the features!  I talked to a ton of people. We were absolutely SWAMPED!

Sharing all the cool things about the machines I love is fun and the bonus is that sometimes I get to learn something new too. I roomed with Marilyn Badger who is a quilting rock star and she was making a beautiful feather fill with the demo machines. I had to get her to show me how to do it and here is my attempt!  I used a Rainbows thread on a Sew Batik called Garden Storm with the Freedom SR machine. Beautiful, eh?

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  1. Thanks for the "Lenni" info at the show! I'm still dreaming about it – so maybe sometime in the future I'll be ready for the plunge! Next time you're at a show, I'll bring my hubby so he can check all the different machines out.

    I've never been to the Aquarium but hope to take my little grandsons the next time they're all in town. Looks like a fun place!

  2. You are so welcome, Janet! And if you ever want to come to Louisville to check out Lenni, let me know. Feel free to sign up for my monthly e-newsletter where I send out any specials I have and tip/tricks for longarm quilting. You can find the link on the front page of my main website:

  3. Angela, Sounds wonderful! I love Marilyn's quilting too and getting to learn from her was a WOW! She is awesome. Your feathers are gorgeous, I need to learn how to do that! I love my Milli as always and glad I bought if from you. I'm taking a break from pinning a quilt on it right now, in fact. And thanks for becoming my newest Follower. :))
    Have a great week.

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