Sandie is WAY ahead of the game on this quilt for her daughter

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SandieCUI get so many calls from clients who confess to me that they need a baby quilt done for them and the “baby” is now in high school. Or they need a wedding quilt finished and the couple is celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Piecing a top can take a long time and if life gets in the way, it can take even longer.
Sandie MSImagine my surprise when I get contacted by Sandie. She made this very modern quilt for her daughter to use at college. Her daughter helped select the colors/fabrics and Sandie was so excited about getting it finished. Then she confessed that her daughter was a couple years away from high school graduation!
SandieCU2 She is WAY ahead of the game! I teased her and told her that she’d better get started on a wedding quilt and a couple of baby quilts for her daughter now. 🙂
SandieMSThen I started to think about her timing and I believe what she is done is genius. I can tell that for her family the mindset isn’t IF the daughter goes to college, it is WHEN. By collaborating with her daughter on a “college” quilt, she has placed the expectation of success out there AND she got her daughter to buy into the goal by using her in the design process.
All of this made sense to me over the weekend when my own daughter saw a monkey quilt and told me she wanted to find a quilt pattern that featured monkeys for her dorm room. Again, it wasn’t IF she would need a dorm quilt. It was WHEN she would need a dorm quilt.
Anyone have a monkey quilt pattern they’d recommend?


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