Terah’s Butterfly Quilt


Here’s the butterfly quilt who’s scraps were made into the log cabin I showed you in the prior post.

This quilt was made for an auction that will raise money to fight juvenile diabetes. Terah’s family has a young girl who is fighting juvenile diabetes and she picked out the pattern and the fabric for this quilt.

The butterfly will get embroidered antennae and the pattern selected for this top was Spin. It gives nice movement and texture to the quilt that reminds me of the wind gust that this butterfly will soon ride.

These beautiful girly colors will make some little angel very happy!

GooseyGirl has decided to try to sell her Loving Family dollhouse and has been gathering all the accessories to clean them up.

Our kitten, Oskar, has decided the dollhouse is a wonderful cat condo. He likes to sneak in through the veranda doors and bat at things through the windows. CUTE!


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  1. I just read deeper! My daughters' oldest daughter Maddie was diagnosed with JD 5 years ago. I thought of making a web page in her name to make quilts for kids with diabetes..glad to know others have also thought of that too!! Do you have the pattern Spin for the longarm..I longarm also and it is a gorgeous pattern!

  2. Great idea donating this quilt to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes. My son was diagnosed 7 months ago with type 1 JD. He just turned 11. Thank you. It is a beautiful quilt!

  3. Thanks for the kind words! Kari, you can get this Panto over at Willow Leaf. Here's a link. http://www.willowleafstudio.com/store?itemid=487

    I hope this quilt brings in a bunch of $$$ for the cause!

    Sam, we had a tuxedo kitty who was female but she died two years ago. She was the best cat I've ever had. I thought it would be weird to get another tuxedo cat but Oskar has been awesome! Now I just have to get him to stop sucking on my neck. It is like sleeping with a vampire! 😉

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