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Featured Quilter of the week- ME!

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I’m the featured quilter over at MQR. Looky, looky!

Oh, and Oskar got fixed. He is doing great and growing entirely too fast.

Oskar kitten loves to lounge
Last week the Ky State Fair wrapped up. I had a number of clients who entered quilts this year. Unfortunately none of them won a ribbon. Boo!  Hiss!  I was disappointed but I’m glad they had the courage to put their work on display with all the other quilty goodness. The category for two person quilts has exploded over the last few years.
Balloon exhibit at the 2010 KY State Fair -
One of my favorite things at the fair is a tremendous balloon display. This year it had an ocean theme.

Balloon exhibit at the 2010 KY State Fair -

The shark had the cutest teeth. The balloons used were only partially inflated so they looked sharp. Don’t you love the creativity and joy the balloon artists used?

Of course there were quilts. Dozens of quilts. I’ve included some photos here of my client’s quilts and some of my friends quilts.

Balloon exhibit at the 2010 KY State Fair - QuiltedJoy.comBeautiful quilts on display at the 2010 KY State Fair -

Beautiful quilts on display at the 2010 KY State Fair - I was a little surprised by the categories in the fair. Hand quilting and machine quilting were in the same categories for some of the divisions.

Some of the ribbon winners for longarm quilting were for all over, edge to edge designs not the custom work you typically see. A few drop dead gorgeous quilts were disqualified because they were in the wrong division. I wish they double checked the quilts as they get checked in and shuffle those that aren’t in the correct division to the proper group so they could be judged properly.

Beautiful quilts on display at the 2010 KY State Fair -

There were more landscapes and art quilts this year. I like this little pelican. He won a blue ribbon!

Oh, and I really like looking at the Bulls with those rings in their noses. The ones I was looking at seemed so docile. Almost like a big dog. A very BIG dog.

Beautiful quilts on display at the 2010 KY State Fair - QuiltedJoy.comIs it a cow or a big dog? -
You can find quilting inspiration everywhere! -

There were non quilting things that were inspiring and quilty at the same time.

You can find quilting inspiration everywhere! -
Photography entry at the 2010 Ky State Fair -

My cousin, Susan had a few entries in the photography division and she made a tote.

Handmade tote entered into the 2010 KY State Fair - QuiltedJoy.comChicken Cake entry at the 2010 KY State Fair -
The button princess at the 2010 KY State Fair -

I enjoyed this chicken cake I just don’t know how you’d eat it.

The button princess was fun.  look at ll of those white buttons on her dress. Wouldn’t it be fun to make an actual dress that way? It would weigh 80+ pounds!

Okay, more fair inspiration in my next post. I’ve had a lot of client quilts finished lately but I haven’t had time to get them up on the blog. Getting through the first few weeks of middle school has sapped my focus right now.  But don’t worry- I’ll be posting them ASAP! 🙂


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