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Killer Bunnies, Christmas Tree Quilt and Update on Oscar the Kitten

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Modern Christmas tree wall hanging with a great graphic contrast! Longarm quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.comI feel like a cheesy TV commercial. It’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY! 🙂

Modern Christmas tree wall hanging with a great graphic contrast! Longarm quilting by Angela Huffman -

This is Sarah’s Christmas tree quilt wall hanging. I love modern quilts like this. The bold graphic contrast with the small bits of red that really pop and grab the eye. Won’t this be striking on her wall?

Modern Christmas tree wall hanging with a great graphic contrast! Longarm quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.comShe chose an all over edge to edge pattern of Christmas Lights and had me do the binding for her, so it was completely finished when she got it back. She is ready for the holidays!

Oscar the kitty! -




We’ve got some great news about our baby kitten, Oscar. He had started to loose weight and became listless. The vet told us there was a significant possibility that Oscar would not make it. He didn’t have enough meat on his bones to have any excess to loose. After 3 days on IVs, antibiotics and syringe feedings, he is doing so much better. He is home now and is being spoiled rotten.

The other big thing our family has been enjoying lately is an addiction to a card game that I highly recommend. It is called Killer Bunnies. Just be ready to get some bizarre looks at the toy store when you ask about Killer Bunnies. Most won’t have heard of it and will think you are some sort of weirdo. I must say that this game is HILARIOUS and incredibly fun. There is a bit of a learning curve, but if you are looking for a family game for 11 year-olds or older, this is the game to get.

T-shirt quilt on the APQS longarm frame! -

T-shirt quilt on the APQS longarm frame! -

Oh, this is the quilt on the frame right now. It is a t-shirt quilt for a woman who found my via the internet and then we discovered her family knows my family that lives in Owensboro, Ky. It’s a small, small world!









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  1. Killer Bunnies is an amazing game! To extend your play, there are several expansions that work with the base game. I would suggest looking to see if you have a specialty gaming store that deals in games like Dungeons & Dragons to find the expansions.

    If you want another family friendly card game with a similar sense of humor, I highly suggest Munchkin, and its cadre of expansions. There's an expansion for every interest, from pirates to super-heroes and vampires. Very tongue in cheek, if you're in the geek-know.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Munchkin. I'll check it out. I ordered the red booster pack for the Killer Bunnies game yesterday. We can't wait to get it!

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