Joan’s Layer Cake, Flying Geese Garden & Bonnie’s Lone Star

Busy, busy, busy! I taught the APQS Beginning Longarm Quilting class on Saturday to 4 great students and excited new APQS machine owners. We covered a ton of material and had fun too. The class is open to stand up frame owners of any machine type and it is free for new APQS owners. Other stand up frame owners are welcome to take the class too. The cost is $200 for the 10-4:30 class and it includes a big booklet and lunch! Click on the tab up above labeled “Classes” to see the upcoming dates for my classes.

Joan's Layer Cake quilt on the APQS Millie frame - QuiltedJoy.comRight now I’m playing catch up in the quilting studio. I made the mistake of accepting too many custom quilting jobs in a row in March and April. I’ve now realized I need to come up with a better scheduling system for my custom quilting jobs. Custom quilts take 3-4 days each and sometimes more. Having 4 with deadlines right on top of each other makes for an impossible schedule. I know I need to put a limit on the custom jobs per month, but I don’t have a clear idea about how to organize that scheduling process just yet. I even had one custom job last week that I couldn’t share with you just yet. *sigh* The custom quilts are so pretty, but man do they take a long time.

Flying Geese garden quilt waiting to be quilted -

Breathing some new life into Bonnie's Lone Star quiltThis week, I’ve got Joan’s Layer Cake on the frame right now and by tonight I’ll have her Flying Geese Garden loaded up. The Flying Geese are all made of 1930’s fabrics and is a Quilt in a Day pattern. If you haven’t checked out Eleanor Burns’ Flying Geese rulers, you are missing out. They are fabulous and are incredibly helpful when you’ve got a ton of geese that need to be made.

Plus, Bonnie’s Lone Star is on the cutting table getting the setting squares and triangles put in. Bonnie lives in Paducah and sent me this Lone Star she inherited. I’m going to bring it back to life and I know she’ll be pleased!

I also spent some time this weekend renovating my blog. What do ‘ya think? Eventually I’ll be consolidating my main website and the blog but first I have to:

  1. Finish my Dreamweaver course
  2. Learn wordpress
  3. Freeze time



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  1. I added myself as a Follower so that I will be sure and know when you have succeeded in "freezing time". I could really use a block of it right this week. LOL!

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