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I Had a Quilt in Paducah, Plus I Got to Play With the Bliss!

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One of Angela's quilts on display at Paducah ;) - QuiltedJoy.comWho knew?!? I had a quilt hanging at the Paducah quilt show!!! Well, technically it was in the Viking booth under a couple machines but, hey, it counts, right? 🙂  My first showing in Paducah!  Aren’t you impressed? 🙂

One of Angela's quilts on display at Paducah ;) -
One of Angela's quilts on display at Paducah ;) -

There was over-the-top quilty art from uber talented quilters like Dawn Cavanaugh and Marilyn Badger. I took lots of photos of my favs and I’ll be posting those over the next week or so. I stayed with my friend Shirley and got to reconnect with a bunch of my online quilting friends who’ll I’ll see in a couple months at retreat.

One of the beautiful quilts at Paducah 2010 - QuiltedJoy.comThe facilities were awesome, BTW.  I was nervous when I heard that part of the show would take place in a tent with porta potties. However, it was NOTHING like I’d feared. The tent was actually an upscale bubble with fresh sunlight and extremely nice portable restrooms on a trailer. I thought it would be those little blue outhouses. I’m happy to say the bathrooms were incredibly nice. There was even framed artwork inside them!

One of the beautiful quilts at Paducah 2010 - QuiltedJoy.comThe green and purple quilt you see was a major award winner and used a lot of embroidery in a very effective way. I loved the dogwood border quilting motif. I’m always looking for feather alternatives and this is one great idea. Plus, the artist made free standing lace on her embroidery machine for the edging. It was just stunning!

One of the beautiful quilts at Paducah 2010 -

An APQS machine with the Bliss table - QuiltedJoy.comAn APQS machine with the Bliss table -

An APQS machine with the Bliss table - QuiltedJoy.comI got to lay my hands on all the longarm machines represented at the show and I’m happy to say that I wouldn’t trade my APQS for any of them. I love my Millennium and I can’t wait to add the new Bliss table to my setup. The difference in how the machine moves on the bliss table is revolutionary!  It feels like you are skating on fresh ice.

That smooth movement allowed me to easily make even diagonal lines which are one of the hardest things you can do on a stand up frame. The Bliss table comes with a new carriage and new black wheels for the machine head. Those wheels also have ball bearings in them and they ROCK!

Please contact me if you’d like to order the Bliss. As your dealer, I am here to help you get your frame claimed. Just give me a call (502) 718-7148.






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  1. Angela, Wish we would have crossed paths at Paducah. I was there only on Thursday for about 6 hours but I did try out and ORDER Bliss! I tried it in Chicago and then when I tried it and the 'old' machine beside it for comparison I could really feel the smoothness. I find some curves on pantos sometimes turn out squared off a bit and I think (hope) Bliss will remedy that along with what you wrote about.

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